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Via Ferrata - R225pp

Explore the via Ferrara (adventure hiking trail) in the safety of a harness. You will first learn how to clip yourself in and navigate safely along the trail. The trail is done non guided. Children under 12 need to be chaperoned with an adult. This is a fantastic family activity as you do it at your own leisure.

Duration: 1h-1h30

King Swing & via FerrATa - R300pp

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You will be harnessed in and you sit on a seat.On the guide's countdown, you will be released off the platform and swing out over a breathtaking natural horse shoe in the cliff. The rope is only 7m long, although the height above the ground is 20 m high. After a few pendulums, you will be lowered down to a bridge.

Duration: 1h-2h

Limits: 100kg (Swing is not suitable for pregnant ladies)

Age: From 8 yrs


via FerrATa -


The Abseil site is at the top of the cliffs and you will lower yourself down after being briefed. The guide also has a back up safety line so while you abseil yourself down, the guide will have your back. After Abseiling, you will climb the ladder X-treme and added thrill to your activity.

Duration: 1h-2h


Min age:8

Max weight: 120kg

Full rush - R450pp


Via Feratta

King Swing

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slack line- 150pp

Balance on this suspended slack line overlooking the valley and the swing below.


Min age:8

Max weight: 120kg

White Chocolate Box

R495 / rider - 9 years and older​

R250 / passenger 4 - 8 years​

Join us on a downhill adventure. We drive you up the mountain in a 4x4. Once fitted with a bicycle helmet and gloves, you will free wheel down the slope. The monster mountain scooter has disc breaks, so you can control the speed.

Duration: 1h15-1h45

Restrictions: 120kg max, you must be able to ride a bicycle.